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Success Stories

I had one of the best seasons of my life in Zeal Internships in Malta! I had an opportunity to share knowledge with people of the several countries and I learned a lot with my work! I had great times visiting the beauties of Malta! I going to remember forever this season! The staff was kind and great!


The accommodation, the individual assistance and the staff are the best I have seen! My accommodation was in a great location, large and comfortable apartment, nice rooms and a beautiful view of sea! Thanks for everything!

- Pablo

Zeal Internships in Malta was a great support before and during my internship in Malta. Apart from organizing my accommodation and my work placement, the organisation was there in case of questions or problems. For the first experience abroad it is a great help and I would fully recommend it to people who want to do an internship in a foreign country.

- Tiffany

The thing I enjoyed the most are surely the activities – they are lots of fun and surely not boring, this helps you learn more.


The staff is very friendly and do their very best to help you. You get individual attention, even within a group and like that you can work on your weaknesses and improve even more.


Perfect organisation and atmosphere! It was the first journey abroad for me but I had the best experience ever. I sincerely recommend Zeal Internships in Malta.

- Viktoria

At the beginning I was a little bit afraid about the journey. But shortly after I arrived I saw that my fear was without any reason.


They picked me up exactly on the level I was and helped me with passion to reach the level I wanted to be. You help each other, you laugh together, you spend time together and explore the island and its culture as well as the cultures from the other students all over the world.

- Stephany

My experience in Malta was great, interesting and unforgettable. Thanks to Zeal Internships I’ll never forget this experience.


The work experience was fun and exciting even if sometimes it was also exhausting, but I enjoyed testing my capabilities and improving along the way. It was a great experience full of interesting activities.

- Katia

This actually was a very well organized course. The topics covered were very professionally chosen. The staff was fully qualified people.


The Zeal Internships administration was extremely reliable, cooperative and careful.


Indeed the course was completely useful to me and I feel now that my English is completely different than it was before I attended this course.

- Sakuha

My experience in Malta was gratifying!


The Zeal Internships is well organized, the staff is competent, kind and very helpful. My accommodation made me feel like at home.


Here I could immerse myself in a very interesting atmosphere, full of cultures and traditions. I met people from all around the world, so it was easy to improve my spoken English too. Malta offers some amazing places to see and delicious typical food to try. I definitely suggest Zeal Internships in Malta to work and have a great time!

- Miguel

I Like Zeal Internships because I’ve been taught the real work, which is completely different from the scholastic one that you can learn in Italy. Stuff is skilled.


It has also been a great opportunity to meet other foreign students, with whom I made friends while practicing my English. These are the experiences which make you become a citizen of the world.

- Filippo

When I came to Malta for a year I couldn’t speak a word in English.


On the first day I met a lot of people and made some friends. I don’t know how I could understand anything but I remember saying things in English right after my first lesson.


I have come a very long way and I am very grateful to Zeal Internships.  I’ve had such a lovely experience learning English and I have friends from all over the world. Thank you Zeal Internships for supporting me on my journey from a complete beginner to an Upper-Intermediate student.

- Luca

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