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Host Family

Living in a private home gives you regular contact with native English speakers and an insight into Maltese life. All of our host families conform to the standards established by the Malta Tourism Authority, and are chosen for the warmth, care and the concern that they show.


When students choose to stay at a host family they will enjoy a comfortable, clean home with a friendly atmosphere, and can be assured that the host family will make them feel welcome. This is also a great opportunity for those wishing to improve their English language during their stay. Host families take great pride in assuring that bedrooms and bathroom facilities are clean at all times. Accommodation at a host family consists of sharing a bedroom in a single bed with other students of different nationalities.


The Host Family is committed to:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment and treat the student as a member of the family;

  • Provide the student with his / her own bed (not a convertible or inflatable bed), adequate storage space for clothes and personal belongings and reasonable access to bathroom facilities.

  • Provide the student with quality meals;

  • Provide access to a Wi-Fi service that students may use to perform work-related tasks, and also to contact family members abroad. (Internet access may be at an extra charge);

  • Inform the students of the house rules set by the host family that the students are required to observe, this includes curfews and allowance of guests.


In compliance with the subsidiary legislation 409.10 of the Host Family Accommodation Regulations, set by the Malta Tourism Authority, the host family has standards and guidelines that it is obliged to adhere to in order to give the best possible accommodation to the student.

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