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English Language Courses

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English is an official language of the Maltese Islands, and its principal language for business. Maltese is the national language. Malta treasures its English-speaking inheritance from the British colonial past, and the Maltese people are proud to belong to a world-wide community of 1.35 billion people who speak English. Malta is one of Europe‘s leading EFL (English as a Foreign Language) destinations.


Studying English in Malta, particularly if you are carrying out an internship on the island, will help you improve important vocabulary, phrases and grammatical points when necessary. We want you to make the best out of your internship in Malta and have the utmost experience possible.


Since the success in international business depends on high-quality skills, fluency and accuracy of the language, an English course is necessary to effectively communicate at the place of work, and socially.


Learning English will be beneficial in your future career. A proper command of English will assist you incredibly throughout your stay in Malta and to open more doors of opportunity for your future career development, as it is easier to find a job when you know English.


General English Courses are available in varying levels of intensity to practice the four main topics of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Lessons could be generic or topic-based and focus on fluency to help students build confidence in the language to be able to communicate in everyday situations. Preferably students would have a similar level of English. English lessons are carried out by a TEFL certified English Teacher. The course is not a local or international Examination Preparation Course.

Package Includes:

  • Registration & Course Resource fee;

  • English Pre-course test to evaluate the level of English;

  • All course material (handouts and other material required for the course);

  • 20 hours of General English lessons;

  • End of course evaluation;

  • Certificate on completion of course.

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